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Melbourne is Victoria’s capital city. It is the most populous city in the state of Victoria and the second most populous city in Australia.

Frequently referred to as Australia’s garden city (the state of Victoria was once known as the garden state), Melbourne has an abundance of parks and gardens and many of them close to the central business district. It is also referred to as the “cultural capital of Australia” as it is the birthplace of cultural institutions.

Melbourne has been the business, cultural and recreational centre of the state. It is also host to over a million international visitors each year. It is a place of energy, sophistication and innovation and has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

There is so much to love about Melbourne – being a young and vibrant city, it never sits still. The skyline is constantly changing and the contemporary and innovative designs add to the enthralling mix of its tradition.

Melbourne’s population is made up of different groups of people, of all ages and diverse cultures. Its rich contribution to varied range of age groups, lifestyles and cultural groups has brought substantial national and international acknowledgement as a top destination for events, travel, sports, shopping and literature.

Melbourne has a pulsating energy and offers a different kind of vibe as soon as you set foot on it. It is a melting pot of cultures that is reflected in its restaurants, bistros, cafes, and bars. Indulge on a feast of the world’s fine cuisines.

Nightlife and entertainment in Melbourne is very much alive too which is evident in the number of trendy clubs, bars and live music venues. It is also home to outstanding arts and cultural heritage bodies and dynamic festivals and public events.

Melbourne’s ability to compete globally and the quality of life that Melburnians enjoy drive the city’s prosperity. It is an inventive, exciting and dynamic city with phenomenal treasures for you to discover.

Oftentimes, being adventurous and curious enough takes you to hidden surprises that have long been waiting to be found, and sometimes, the best part of visiting a new city is when you uncover mysteries of unknown places and things that leave you feeling truly satisfied.

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