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A series of earthquakes rocked Christchurch from September 4, 2010, but the most damaging was from February 22, 2011, which also shook the surrounding Canterbury region. The Christchurch Central Business District was directly hit and suffered the most destruction. It was a dark day for the people of Christchurch and the people of New Zealand. The impact of the earthquake is immense and a significant section of the city needs to be rebuilt.

Before the earthquake, Christchurch was the most attractive city in New Zealand. It was dubbed as the Garden City because of its majestic public gardens and parks. It was also home to the magnificent Christchurch Cathedral located on Cathedral Square. Unfortunately, the cathedral was also damaged and what is left of it is now just its shell.

Two years after the devastating earthquake, Christchurch is still recovering. This unfortunate event has brought about massive problems on the national economy and especially in the lives of people living in this city. Structures, homes and lives were lost but the people keep their optimism. The community has shown strength and resilience by rallying around to comfort and support one another from this catastrophic episode.

Tourism, being New Zealand’s very important industry has been greatly affected by this circumstance. Since a lot of the structures in the Central Business District were demolished, the need to get accommodation back is crucial. Constructions and development of hotels and various accommodations are at place to provide the need of tourists visiting Christchurch.

As recovery builds momentum, good progress is being made. In the central city, things are looking good as more attractions and businesses have been reopening to the public each day. There have been more people building than demolishing in the Central Business District proving development is underway.

Destruction this big is a true tragedy. Recovery will take time – years of hard, continuous rebuilding will transpire. The people will have to practice patience and wait a while longer to see the city rebuilt to its former glory that they can all be proud of again. It is not an easy task but that day will come.

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